Have a question about the Des Moines Jaycees? Here is a good place to look for answers to our frequently asked questions

What is the age range to be a Jaycee?

To be a Jaycee Member you must be between the ages of 21-40.

How much does it cost to become a Jaycee Member?

There is an annual cost of $55.00 to cover dues and registration.

What makes the Des Moines Jaycees different from other Young Professional groups?

"I have been to other Young Professional groups and they always felt like it was about exchanging your business card, but the Jaycees is more about making a lasting connection." - Taylor McKee

While my educational and professional background gave me the skills I needed to network and train effectively, my JCI experience gave me the confidence to set up my own business, and the skills to manage and market it effectively. My  leadership abilities have grown exponentially since joining JCI Des Moines. I have had the privilege to hold multiple leadership positions within the local and state organization. I have also grown my business through the connections I have made in JCI. There is no better group of active young professionals than JCI Des Moines. - Dr. Ryan Anderson (Member 5 years)

"I am newer to the Jaycees, but after meeting a current member and attending a couple of meetings, I felt immediately at home. This group has great energy and seem to really care about their members."- Tiff Evans


How do I Join?

Membership Requirements

Any male or female age 21-40.

Step 1: Attend a meeting or special event open to the public. Monthly General Membership Meetings (GMMs) rotate date and location. for more info, check out our calendar or find more info on our Facebook!

Step 2: Have a chat with some of the current members about who we are, what we do, why we like the organization, etc. Decide if this is the organization for you.

Step 3: Fill out your application and pay your dues ($55.00, due annually for each member)

Step 4: Look at our Calendar and attend our Membership meetings, Volunteer Opportunities, Socials, and Next Step Series that interest you and work with your schedule!